… are a husband and wife creative team of artists with two separate styles. We support each other’s work and at times we will collaborate together on joint projects and ideas.

…. are Florida native and local, both of us grew up in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

… have seen lots of changes and have fond memories of our old Florida coastal community. We are both members of the Fort Walton Beach Arts and Design Society (ADSO).

… like to keep things fun and it shows in our work.

… like to recharge by being outdoors, around water and with our family and friends. We try to do our part as being good stewards to our environment with our work and in our lives ♻️.

… appreciate you taking a look at our works.


… is best known for her whimsical ceramic pot-head planters. By day, she is a software engineer; by night, she is a clay throwing, ceramic sculptor.

Painting with acrylics, working with stained glass, carving wet concrete, mixed media and assemblages are just some of the mediums she has worked with since the 1980s.Β  Her work reflects fun and happiness.

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… is the other half of our team. A former corporate multimedia specialist, a master cat juggler, fish monger, a renaissance man and the heavy lifter for our team with a long list of other titles.

… is in the process of transitioning to full time freelance artist and maker. Currently he is rediscovering media that doesn’t require zeros and ones or driving a mouse.

Multimedia, multiple medias, mixed media and assemblages are just some of the many things up his sleeves. His current production works are described as salty, rustic, primitive and very textural.

His work reflects some of the thing’s he is passionate about and is currently available for local purchase.

At this time he’s currently available for private commissions.

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